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Island of Sappho, Do my best to make this script work. I'm not so good at this...
I will spend some time updating this page's as it's just cold and dark outside.
I was on this island for my first time 1990. Since then I have been back a couple of times, and do my best to get back again as soon as possible
Posted on 25 Dec 2016 by johnny
At Athens airport. A short flight and then gyros pita. Noticed that a lot of flights are cancelled. Hope my will go.
Posted on 30 Dec 2015 by johnny
Weather forecast does not look very well I hope hotel Meltemi is a nice place, Guess it will be a lot of time with tv or a book..
Posted on 29 Dec 2015 by johnny
Do my best to update this messy site. Nice to do those last days of December when it's dark and cold. Will do a trip to island of Milos in a few day's, More about that island soon.. If I have the time I will also visit Naxos and maybe Island of Salamina
Some sort of blog will be up here http://absolut-greece.com/block/blog/
Posted on 27 Dec 2015 by johnny
Soon Milos.. I will make a visit to this lovely island in the last day's of December. Relax and strolling around.. Hope for good weather. I will put up new's here if I have something to say or maybe new photos
Posted on 26 Dec 2015 by johnny

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